App update 3.2.1

App update 3.2.1
Fixed some bugs
Launched iOS version

App update 3.1.0

App update 3.1.0
Big update for the app. Rebuilt the backend of the app so it should run smoother on most devices.
Added continuous scrolling when viewing images.

App update

We’ve just released v2.8.1 for Android and iOS
New in this version:
Updated UI
Ability to change the date of an image
Add tags to an image
Delete an image now confirms before doing it

Another update to the image recognition

  • We’ve updated the image recognition to break down images into 32 color ranges. This helps identify similar colors between images and then processes it with targeted areas of analysis.

Updated image recognition algorithm

  • We’ve updated the image recognition algorithm to look at additional points in the image to create a new signature. We’ve updated all existing images with this new algorithm. We will continue to monitor how the image recognition is performing and make adjustments as needed.